More Than 10 Years of Providing Quality Supplements

Angelica Pantry was started at our office as a place to get handpicked, quality supplements to help you feel better.  Many of these supplements are professional quality, only available through a physician's office.

Because sometimes it's just easier to get on the web, was born to provide better access to our store for our patients, especially for those further away.  Angelica Pantry is available for members only.  You will need approval from our office to create an account.  Once your account is approved, you may use the website any time you wish.

Most, but not all, of our supplements are available via this website.  If you can't find something, please ask.  We are open to suggestions as to what items to stock.  Orders placed before noon on a work day are usually shipped the same day.  Orders over $150 are shipped for free!

With the coronavirus pandemic, rolling shortages are more the norm now than the exception.  We are doing our best to keep things stocked.  Sometimes you might find what will work for you in a different brand.

Thank you for all the support!
Rima Kittley, MD

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